Since completing that little workshop in Lyme Regis, I’ve become a lampshade-making-machine. My trade name is Bird and Button. I use mostly dressmaking fabrics as there’s a huge range of brightly coloured patterns and designs that you’d never get on shades in high street shops. You won’t find a plain cream shade in my shop!

Currently, I only make the drum style shade, but I’ve sourced some of the old traditional style empire shade frames (the ones that you get on your gran’s standard lamp with the curved sides and fringe on the bottom), so I’m going to teach myself to cover those with some wonderful modern fabrics.

I’d love to be able to make lampshades full time, but I think I’ll have to broaden my skills first – I’ve booked an upholstery workshop so I can learn to cover furniture and I’m going to stop being so intimidated by my sewing machine and make some cushion covers too. So who knows, maybe I’ll end up with a thriving soft furnishings business!

lamp shade with brightly coloured flowers and Spanish lady


Lyme Regis Yarnbombing

Mr. M and I visited Lyme Regis in 2014 and on one of our walks along the river and through the woods, we saw this! I ADORE yarnbombing. I’ve seen quite a bit of it, mainly within city centres, but not when I’ve ventured into the country and seeing this little bit of colourful knitting on a handrail on a teeny bridge over the river just made my day.