About me

Photo of Jacquie

I grew up in Stockport and moved down to the South coast in 1988. I’d started an Art Foundation course but was so naive, I had no idea that I needed so many materials and couldn’t afford to stay. Disillusioned, I bolted, and started my new life with three months in Bognor, (I saw more pub fights in those three months than I had in all my time in Stockport), then moved to Lewes where I took care of my new born nephew for about a year, then I moved to Brighton where I still live.

I’m a creative lass and dabbled in many crafts until I took an evening workshop in lampshade making whilst on holiday in Lyme Regis. You’ll see several photos on here from that holiday – I loved it. I fell in love with the craft and now make lampshades in my own little workshop from orders placed on my Etsy site.